Download these audiobooks to your computer to listen on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

Audiobook F.A.Q.

How do I access my audiobook?

After check out, you will be taken to a webpage where you can download the audiobook file. You will also receive a confirmation email in which you can download the audiobook through the link provided.

The downloaded file will be a .Zip file which will need to be opened to access the MP3 files within it.

How do I open a .Zip file?

We recommend downloading the audiobook file to your computer. Below are tutorials on how to open a .Zip file.

Mac users: Apple support tutorial
PC users: Microsoft support tutorial
Chrome users: tutorial

Below are tutorials on how to open a .Zip file on a cell phone or tablet:

iPhone & iPad users: Apple support tutorial
Android users: Google support tutorial

Do your audiobooks have chapter breaks?

Yes, both the Little Pilgrim's Big Journey Read Along audiobooks and The Kingdom of God Bible Storybook audiobooks are split into chapters--there is one MP3 file per chapter.

For listeners listening on a phone, tablet, or computer, we recommend creating a playlist or album.

What are "Read Along" versions?

Our Read Along audiobooks contain musical prompts so that listeners can read along with a book and know when to turn the page.

Will I receive a CD in the mail?

All of our audiobooks are digital files that you can download after placing your order via your internet browser and/or a link sent to your email.

We do not sell any CDs at this time.

How do I upload the audiobook to a Yoto card?

Bryn has created a helpful tutorial to help show how you can upload our audiobook files to a Yoto card! You can watch the tutorial here.

What is your return policy for digital products?

We are unable to accept returns or provide refunds for digital content, such as eBooks or audiobooks. If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact us for assistance.

My promo code for a free audiobook expired.

We often offer free audiobooks to those who placed a preorder promotion. We send a promo code for a free audiobook during or soon after the preorder launch, in which customers can download an audiobook for free! We will also communicate a time frame in which they need to be downloaded by before the promo code expires.

If you forgot to use the promo code and it has since expired in the past six months, please let us know. While we are no longer able to offer that promo code or a free audiobook, we may have other audiobook discounts available for you.

If it's been over six months, then we recommend signing up for our newsletter for our next promo!